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HuNan Gafe Soar Soft Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Gafe Soar Soft") by a number of senior industry professionals to create, with a wealth of industry knowledge and technical level. We have a stable product and high quality after-sales service to win customer trust for the purpose, in the fierce competition in the market to survive. We always adhere to the "stability above all else, service weightier than Mount Tai" business philosophy, brings together a number of industry elite form strong technical research and development team, wholeheartedly for customers to provide stable, guest rooms, restaurant, business monopoly industries, information technology solutions.

Tel: 0731-84166670
Fax: 0731-82251686
Mob: 18374962651
E-mail: gafesoft@163.com
Website: http://www.gafe.com.cn
Zip code: 410205
Addr: Yuelu District City, Hunan province Changsha zenith street Yongan District 18
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Addr:Yuelu District City, Hunan province Changsha zenith street Yongan District 18  Tel:0731-84166670    
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